The Krutham Africa Impact Investment Awards

The Krutham Africa Impact Investment Awards, sponsored by FirstRand, recognise success in the rapidly growing impact investing industry. They celebrate outstanding achievements and contributions that drive positive social and environmental change while creating value for investors in Africa.

Download the 2024 Krutham Africa Impact Investment report.


Sustainable Development Goals

The UN estimates that USD2.5 trillion in yearly spending is required to meet the Sustainable Development Goals each year until 2030. Currently, development funding globally is USD158 billion. This sum, although very sizeable, is not enough but can be re-purposed as catalytic capital to unlock USD212 trillion in private markets. Impact investing is one effective way of attracting private capital to augment development funding.


In the longer term, as methodologies are repeated and strengthened, the awards will help standardise how we view and evaluate the very nebulous concept of impact

Build the impact investing ecosystem

Recognise impact practitioners for their valuable work

Inspire those in the investment community to become more involved in the design and participation in impact investments

Build knowledge and interest in impact investing among diverse audiences –particularly governments, civil society, the media, and the investment community